attaches, attaching, attached
1) VERB If you attach something to an object, you join it or fasten it to the object.

[V n to n] We attach labels to things before we file them away...

[V n to n] The gadget can be attached to any vertical surface...

[V n] The astronauts will attach a motor that will boost the satellite into its proper orbit...

[V-ed] For further information, please contact us on the attached form.

2) VERB If someone attaches himself or herself to you, they join you and stay with you, often without being invited to do so.

[V pron-refl to n] Natasha attached herself to the film crew filming at her orphanage.

3) V-ERG If people attach a quality to someone or something, or if it attaches to them, people consider that they have that quality.

[V n to n] The Chinese authorities have attached much significance to Mr Maude's visit.

[V to n] ...the magic that still attaches to the word `spy'.

[V-ed] ...the stigma attached to mental illness.

4) VERB If you attach conditions to something such as an agreement, you state that specific things must be done before the agreement is valid.

[V n to n] The administration failed to attach some conditions to China's Most Favored Nation status...

[V n] Magistrates will be able to attach conditions when juveniles are remanded.

5) VERB In computing, if you attach a file to a message that you send to someone, you send it with the message but separate from it.

[V n] It is possible to attach executable program files to e-mail.

6) See also attached
no strings attachedsee string

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